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Can You Complete These Lady Gaga Lyrics?

Lady Gaga Lyrics

Lady Gaga writes song lyrics that tell a story. She uses personal experiences and relationships with others to create a huge portfolio of amazingly written songs. Her early hits, "Poker Face," "Just Dance," and "Paparazzi" gained a huge following from the start. Lady Gaga knows how to take the stories of her life and turn them into a song better than just about anyone else working today. It's helped her become an icon all over the globe.

Her music constantly reaches enormous heights because her fans can relate to the music she writes. Songs like "Bad Romance", "Born This Way", and some of the latest like "Stupid Love" and "Million Reasons" continue to reach a diverse group of fans. Lady Gaga stands out among other pop music stars because her songs are her own creations, all easy to remember and so much fun to sing.