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The Ultimate Pokemon Trivia Quiz

Pokémon Trivia

The Pokemon franchise has become the highest-grossing media franchise ever, bringing in an estimated total of roughly $100 billion dollars since 1996 when Pokemon came out as a video game for the original Nintendo Game Boy.

Everything the Pokemon brand touches has become a success including when they decided to get into trading cards and changed the way we looked at collecting cards. With so many different entities, the Pokemon series still remains true to its core. There is a reason the Pokemon series is still around today. Who doesn't love finding new Pokemon and heading to the gym to battle another trainer? Or maybe you would rather not participate and just watch the anime series, one of the many?

The success of the Pokemon series lies in its ability to evolve along with the Pokemon. The story, the games, the music, and every other media type it has reached, are always growing with the people. Just when you start to like it, it might evolve into something even better.