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Monopoly Rules Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Rules of Monopoly?

Monopoly Rules

The game rules of Monopoly are quite simple. Each player rolls a dice and, depending on where their game piece lands on the Monopoly board, can end up picking a Chance or Community Chest card, collect Free Parking, go to jail, buy the property they land on, or pay rent. Just make sure you do not roll doubles three times in a row, or you'll have to forfeit your next turn to sit in jail. You'll stay there until you can pay the $50 fine or roll another double. The only way to win is when a player owns so many houses and hotels on the game board that no other player can afford to pay rent.

Although it was invented in 1903, Monopoly was not sold on a broad scale until the Parker Brothers bought the rights to it and began marketing it in 1935. Over the next 85 years, Monopoly would go on to sell nearly 300 million copies, making it one of the most popular board games of all time.