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Are These Joker Quotes or Shakespeare Quotes?

Joker Quotes

Joker quotes were the lifeblood of 2008 memes and the other bane of Batman's existence. Shakespeare quotes are the delight of wise art directors and dreading of men whose mind wanders to different plans for world domination than Julius Caesar's. These famous worlds share more things in common than many people think.

Batman and Joker's paring is often considered the most famous pairing in modern fiction. Fans and critics refer to the rugged relationship as Shakespearian, due to its tragic circle of irrefutable damage drawn by the ultimate moralistic dilemma Batman demonstrates and Joker desecrates. To kill or not to kill poses as formidable a question for Batman regarding Joker as "To be or not to be" does for Hamlet.

Society celebrated Shakespeare's showmanship, writing abilities, and actors' success portraying his iconic characters on stage. Similarly, Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, Mark Hamill, Cesar Romero, and Joaquin Phoenix received acclaim upon their role as Joker. It's true, Shakespeare's material resides in the pantheon of playwright greatness and Joker's celebrated, crazed antics come in comics that for years were heckled as a "lesser" art. However, Joker's tales across media, ranging from some of the highest-acclaimed video games, graphic novels, Oscar-winning movies, and celebrated television shows, showers the bad villain with as much good admiration and anticipation as any in the world.