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Which Catwoman Actress Are You?

Catwoman Actress

Catwoman is one of the main villains in the Batman canon. Introduced in "Batman 1" all the way back in 1940, this feline nemesis was the perfect match for the Dark Knight. Feminine, savvy, and diabolical, Catwoman drew Batman in with her feminine wiles and games, and always came close to trapping him for good. Catwoman has become so popular that just about every TV and film series about Batman has featured her in some way. From Julie Newmar in Batman, the original series from the 1960s, to Batman 1966 with Lee Meriwether, to Christopher Nolan and Tim Burton's Batman films, to the animated series for kids, to the critically-panned standalone starring Halle Berry, Catwoman has schemed and teased Batman through the decades.

Now, a new Batman series is on the horizon, with Zoe Kravitz the next to take on the iconic role. Selina Kyle seems to have a slightly different origin story and MO in every portrayal, so Batman fans are all quite curious to see how this film will frame Catwoman and her alter ego, Selina Kyle. We're excited to see how Zoe Kravitz will make the role her own. While we don't quite know what she will bring to the character yet, it's fun to look back on all the other actresses who have played Catwoman and see what each one has brought to the role.