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Best Podcasts

Podcasts are essentially radio programs without the radio. Some of the most popular podcasts have run for years while others are barely a year old. These recorded conversations can cover a wide range of topics, issues, and stories in nearly every genre you can imagine. Perhaps true crime, news, current events talk, and interviews have become the most widely popular forms of podcasting. But there's a podcast for every interest on the planet, from Dolly Parton's America for Dolly Parton fans to The Dropout for people curious about Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos.

Podcast episodes can range from 20 minutes to hours. Some podcasts have one host, some have many. Some podcasts talk to guests and some just talk. Hosts don't have to be trained or well-known. If you have a passion and a microphone, you can host a podcast!

Whatever subject, style, or genre you want, the great big world of podcasts has you covered. The best podcasts enjoy tens of millions of listeners on a weekly basis, and oftentimes, the stories these podcast series tell are simple real-life human stories. There aren't many bells and whistles. However, there are also podcasts filled with cinematic music, award-winning literature, and masterful storytelling. And the best podcasts reach audiences all around the world.