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Can You Identify These Famous Wrestlers of All Time By Their Old Ring Name?

Famous Wrestlers

Famous wrestlers are not a dime of dozen, but there was a time when all of them couldn't draw a dime. The arduous climb to the summit for WWE superstars takes years and sometimes two decades. Professional wrestlers grow their at-first severely limited skill and visibility in small territories, collectively known today as the independent scene. Like indie artists in music, wrestlers who march to the beating of their opponents travel countless miles. Success stops at the four-way intersection experience, experimentation, luck, and opportunity.

The best wrestlers cement themselves in one of the biggest companies. The most handsome rewards of fame and fortune await main event-caliber WWE wrestlers. From Stone Cold Steve Austin to John Cena and Hulk Hogan, there are many memorable professional wrestlers. WWE differentiates its performers as "sports entertainers" to emphasize the global impact the brand has and the artistic agility needed to become one of the greatest in the world. Many wrestle over two decades there and earn respect for technical abilities that earn five-star match ratings from journalist and obsessive wrestling fan Dave Meltzer.

Supreme skill establishes a connection with every wrestling fan. The best wrestlers of all time see their ring names evolve into household names etched in World Heavyweight Championships, WWE Hall of Famer rings, and pop culture's fabric. The ultimate example is Hollywood movie star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Another example of incredible iconography is Andre The Giant, who became a real-life global attraction and was even nicknamed the "Eighth Wonder of the World."