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How Well Do You Know Hulk Hogan?

Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan dazzled fans for over 30 years as the charismatic champion who claimed to have the "largest arms in the world." While that boast encapsulates the sleight-of-hand showmanship wrestlers pride themselves on, there is no disputing Hogan remains one of the most recognizable characters in the world. Whether captivating audiences to the tune of his famed "Real American" theme song in the WWF, or cockily strutting as a WCW villain to fellow icon Jimi Hendrix's "Voodoo Child," Hogan rocked sold-out audiences everywhere with his unique allure. Hogan's abilities earned him 12 combined WWE/WCW titles, eight Wrestlemania main events, and ultimately, the commonly shared opinion that he is the greatest wrestler of all time.