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Can You Match the Pro Wrestler to Their Signature Move?

Pro Wrestler

Pro wrestlers and signature moves match as naturally as peanut butter and jelly. These signature moves come in handy when a wrestler is ready to defeat their opponent. World Wrestling Entertainment is the largest wrestling company in the world, broadcasting to 180 countries in 28 different languages. Outside of the United States, pro wrestling resonates deeply in Japan and Mexico, where the audience dubs pro wrestling, lucha libre.

Fans decipher the language of wrestling performance pretty quickly. A good guy, known as a face, feuds with a villain, known as a heel. The often soap opera-esque disagreement culminates in a pro wrestling match. Wrestlers usually attempt to win the match with their signature move. This move doesn't have to be innovative, but the best wrestlers distinguish theirs via title wins, a unique name, and repetition that draws the roars of an audience exploding in anticipation. A plethora of punishing picks for pro wrestlers exist. Submission holds, suplexes that display world-class feats of strength, sudden drops that can be performed on anybody, regardless of stature or strength.