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Do You Know All These Popular Corporate Logos?

Corporate Logos

Logos have been used in some fashion for thousands of years, dating back to family and house crests, facial imprints on coinage, and often in religious symbolism. The modern form of corporate identity and logo design is generally considered to start in 1876 when Bass was the first company logo to be trademarked. Since then, logo designs for companies have become a major way to grow business, develop great brand recognition, and encourage customer loyalty.

Color is a common method that companies will use to create a certain look and feel in their logo design. These colors will often vary with the industry and how the company would like the consumer to think about the business. Designers today have many creative tools at their disposal, and what we see on print and billboards is often different than the format we see on our email address or digital device. Logos and design methods will likely continue to change to reflect our modern world.