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Which Book from Obama’s Reading List Should You Read?

Obama's Reading List

Every year, former US President Barack Obama releases lists of the books, films, music, and TV shows he enjoyed most that year. As one of the most influential American politicians and public figures, his recommendations carry a lot of weight. In the past, Obama's reading list was full of recommendations that have helped further the careers of authors like Nicholas Carr, Hope Jahren, Téa Obreht, Stephanie Land, Ted Chiang, Dinaw Mengestu, and Marilynne Robinson. The books on his list inevitably become bestsellers, and they all contain important life lessons and reflections on world events.

The books that made the list of recommendations this year are no exception. After a year of uncertainty, disease, upheaval, and social change, many of the books that Obama recommends tackle themes of race, what it means to be a woman, identity, and family. Many of these books are sure to land on summer reading lists for generations to come. They'll hopefully bring our isolated world closer together. If you're looking for some great reads that you're sure to remember for life, search no further—these stories are sure to stick with you and fill you with hope for humanity.