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Can I Be a Social Media Influencer?

Social Media Influencer

A social media influencer is an online personality who may work with companies and brands to promote certain products and services that may interest their audience of followers. There are nano-influencers and micro-influencers, as well as macro-influencers who have a higher follower count. The amount of money an influencer can make with a brand will often depend on their follower count and the amount of engagement their profile sees. On Instagram, influencer marketing is a $1.7 billion industry.

Social media influencers are known to recommend certain items to their audience, and these followers take the recommendation seriously because of their trust in this person. The influencer may have the type of lifestyle they want or they may share similar values and goals. So, an influencer marketing campaign includes partnering with these personalities to reach a larger target audience. Many influencers work with makeup, bedding, clothing, and electronics. Influencers on Instagram create content to earn a lot of Likes, Comments, and Shares to gain more exposure for the brand.